FRIDAY 14th JUNE 2019

Today is the last day.  We have downloaded all the photographs sent over night! You can see them below.

Report just in ………

Day 4

Breakfast – fried egg beans and hash browns.

Morning activities were archery and the assault course

Lovely lunch of jacket potatoes with a variety of fillings and plenty of salad followed by chocolate donuts!

Afternoon activities. Indoor climbing – with LOTS of adventurous children going far too high for Chris’ liking! Followed by nightline. Great co operation between the children.

Barbecue tea of hot dogs and burgers with salad followed by an ice cream.

We then had lots of energy for packing all our stuff!!

Sporting activities in the evening with Toy Story 3 to look forward to. Then disaster struck …………… There was no DVD in the case – da da daaaaah!!!

But it was fine. We watched Monsters Inc University instead.

Then to bed. All asleep by midnight which was surprising as Ms Regan and Charlie were noisily trying to catch flies!

Day 5

Charlie woke the children with Bohemian Rhapsody.

Activities include crate stacking and low ropes.

Our packed lunch is ordered and the coach is coming at 1.

We have had a GREAT time but are looking forward to seeing our families.



Day 3!

Bacon and beans for breakfast! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your viewpoint😬) the session at the lake was cancelled. We have had so much rain the beach has disappeared! It was replaced by a ‘CSI’ session that the children loved. We also went out into the woodland to search for mini beasts and to identify some of the trees.

The weather improved enough for the children to have some Funtime outside the lodge.

Activities this afternoon  included the zip wire and traversing wall.

This evening we visited the shop and filled up on lots of sweets! We took them for movie night (Up) with another school.

Early to bed (11pm) with the promise of another exciting wake up call in the morning!

2 more sleeps!


WEDNESDAY 12th JUNE 2019 – Pictures and videos sent today.

Ms Gibbon’s daily update:

Breakfast today is 7.45 (why?) We have had to take drastic action…… Not a sound was coming from the bedrooms so Alarm Clock Charlie struck again! The children were woken by ‘Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves. The icing on the cake…… it’s not raining!

TUESDAY 11th JUNE 2019 – Ms Gibbon’s daily report:

Day 2!

Having stayed awake till 1.40 😴😴 on the first night we were awakened at 6.30 by the rain hammering on our roof. All 3 adults groaned and discussed how we were going to survive the day! Once again Hillocks kids came up trumps (as always). They have been amazing – good humoured, supporting each other and generally helping out. This morning we did lots of climbing ladders in the rain and learned some circus skills. There are lots of photos and videos but they currently won’t send. I will keep trying.

This afternoon we have done team building and fencing!

This evening after spaghetti bolognaise and sponge and custard we have been to the disco. Mr Gascoyne and Gemma came to visit and help out.

We are now all cosy in our lodge, in our jimmy jams watching Toy Story 2. Last night we watched Toy Story 1 with biscuits and hot chocolate. I think it’s Charlie’s turn to make it tonight…….

There are 2 schools here who are in tents! We know we are very lucky. Here’s hoping for a full nights 😴😴😴

That’s all for now!


Ms Gibbon has been taking a few videos this afternoon.  The signal there is not very good at the moment but Ms Regan will be sending some more photos through tonight.



The children arrived safely and have already done laser quest and air rifle shooting.  We will keep posting photos as we received them.