Weekly update 27.03.20

Dear Parents and carers,

I hope you are keeping safe and well in these difficult times. I realise that it is tricky having your children at home all day. Please do not try to replicate the school day at home. Having some kind of routine will help to keep things calmer as children prefer to know what is happening and when, but make sure that routine includes exercise, playing and relaxing. Obviously, we have sent out links to websites etc for the children to keep their brains active and we also expect them to read as much as possible, but please don’t make your lives even more difficult by battling over school work!

School has been open this week for the children of key workers and other children classed as vulnerable.

Whilst we are committed to providing care for essential workers during the hours they are working, we will only do this if there are absolutely no other alternatives.

Please DO NOT put our staff at risk by bringing your child to school if you are not a key worker.

The staff have been doing an amazing job in taking care of the children. Lyndsey, our cook, isn’t in at the moment but in her absence, Bev and Carol have provided everyone with delicious dinners.

The catering service have been sending packed lunches for children in receipt of free school meals. If you are eligible, please look out for the texts informing you when to collect. We are expecting a delivery on Monday with food for three days; we will let you know when it arrives. If you really can’t leave your home, please let us know and we will try to bring the lunches to you.

If you are collecting food or we are dropping it off, social distancing must be maintained along with appropriate hygiene measures: wash your hands after touching the bags and wash the fruit before eating it.

If you need to contact us, the school office is open from 8:30 until 3:15 each day or you can email



With very best wishes to all of you,

Margaret Newcombe

Acting Headteacher