School Vision and Aims

Our School Aims and Values
As a school we aim to create a safe and secure environment in which learning can take place. We work in partnership with parents to ensure they understand their responsibility in ensuring each child can reach their true potential.
Through our values of respect, positivity and enthusiasm, independence and integrity we aim to ensure the children in our school receive quality first teaching that provides them with the best outcomes.
Respect – taking care of ourselves, each other and our school
This includes being proud of and celebrating our achievements and our diversity.
Positivity and Enthusiasm – being members of a ‘glass half full’ community
This enables us to develop a ‘can do’ attitude so that we can carry on even when we are finding something difficult or challenging.
Independence – understanding and knowing ourselves well
This means keeping ourselves healthy and safe. It includes taking responsibility for our learning.
Integrity – ‘Doing the right thing even when no one is watching’ (C.S. Lewis)
This includes knowing right from wrong, being honest and truthful and taking responsibility for our actions




Vision statement 2018