The Governing Body look after the children’s interests on behalf of the community and are also responsible for financial and staffing matters.

As well as full meetings of the Governing Body which take place three times a year, there are also four committees, Finance, Data and Curriculum, Pay and PM and Pupil and Personnel which meet more regularly and deal with specific items related to their committee. 

The usual period for holding office is four years.

Governor Membership

Nottinghamshire County Council

Membership List 02/03/2017

Appointment                                                                    Type                                 Start Date            End Date


Mrs Jacqueline Waudby                                               Co-opted                             18/11/2014         17/11/2018

Mrs Mary Rutter                                                                    Co-opted                             18/11/2014         17/11/2018

Ms Louise Regan                                                            Staff Headteacher               18/11/2014         17/11/2018

Cllr Amanda Brown                                                       Local Authority                  16/11/2016         15/11/2020

Miss Neelie Marsh                                                           Parent                                  01/06/2015         31/05/2019

Mrs Naomi Parker                                                           Parent                                  08/12/2015         07/12/2019

Mrs Susan Ambler                                                     Chair of Governors               01/01/2017        03/02/2021

Richard Lyne                                                                      Parent                                  04/01/2017         03/02/2021

Mr Colin Barnard                                                            Support Governor – Local Authority

Governors Committees September 2017  (printable version)


Financial Interest Statement

2362-Governor’s Statement 2016-17

2362-Governor’s Statement 2017-18


16.10.2017 Pupils and Personnel minutes

24.04.2017 Pupils and Personnel Committee

Spring Term Governing Body 2017

24.04.2017 Finance and General Purposes Committee

Data Committee Minutes 10th January 2017

Pupils & Personel 27 February 2017

Finance & General Purposes Committee 13th March 2017

Finance & Gneral Purposes Committee Feb 2018

Finance & General Purpose – Pupils & Personnel Committee April 2018


Governor Attendance 2016-17

Code of Conduct

Governors Code of Conduct September 2016