Approach to Reading



Reading and Phonics

We do not use a single reading scheme to teach reading at Hillocks. We have a range of books which are book banded allowing children to choose from a wider range. Our reading recovery teacher ensures all new books are banded.

We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme but use resourcing from other areas to support this. Children throughout Foundation Stage and KS1 have a daily phonics session where children are split into smaller groups linked to the phonics phase they are working on.


  • Environmental print
  • Encourage children to be excited by books and to develop a love of learning
  • Engage with parents
  • Letters and sounds – 10 minutes daily
  • Book bags – free choice book – reading diary
  • Library membership – encourage all families to join the library – library visits every other term to support this
  • Grasshoppers – talk to parents regularly about reading and our approach



  • Use Big Books regularly – fiction and non-fiction
  • Letters and sounds – 20 minutes daily
  • Work through oral blending, single words, captions, blending books then to main reading scheme
  • Parent workshops
  • Target cards with key words
  • Book bag – sharing book they choose, reading scheme book changed weekly
  • 1 to 1 reading weekly
  • Guided reading from spring term
  • Look at individual children



  • Book bags – diaries and scheme books – changed a minimum of weekly
  • Guided reading daily
  • Listening stations, carousel of activities, book boxes
  • Daily phonics session small groups
  • Reading recovery
  • Targeted readers
  • Planning through books
  • Visit library – class topic books
  • Story time daily
  • Key words
  • Spellings
  • Following a literacy topic book stays in classroom as a familiar book



  • Exciting books – literacy based around
  • Reading folders/book bags
  • Acceleread accelerwrite
  • Phonics
  • Support for spelling
  • Books from the library
  • Class sets of texts
  • Guided reading books
  • One to one reading – target children


Whole school

  • Rewards for reading at home
  • Reader of the week certificates
  • Book weeks termly – library bus and library visits
  • World book day
  • Christmas present to all pupils is a book
  • Planning around a text
  • Whole school reading mornings – 3 times a week
  • Technology used to develop reading

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Reading Recovery at Hillocks

Switch-On Reading Intervention