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Anderson shelters

To launch our new topic on World War Two, Year 6 worked in groups to build Anderson shelters. Check out their fantastic models!

CIMG9222CIMG9220 CIMG9218 CIMG9219CIMG9229CIMG9228CIMG9227CIMG9223


Well done Year 6!

A big well done to all the lovely children in Year 6 for their amazing attitude during SATs week. They have all worked incredibly hard and should be very proud of themselves.


Our wheelchair basketball session from today.

Wheelchair basketball was played at the first Paralympic Games, held in 1960 in Rome, and is one of the few sports to have been present at all editions.

All of 5SD had a great session learning about its development over the last 50 years and enjoyed having a go at basic skills like pivoting and acceleration.

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Meet Mrs Trafe from Billionaire Boy. David Walliams as Mrs Trafe in the film.


Mrs Trafe was a large, smiley soul, of dinner-lady age. Bob had explained on the way to the canteen that she was nice enough, but her food was truly revolting. The kids in the school would rather die than eat anything she cooked. In fact they probably would die if they ate anything she cooked.

In year 5, we used this particular part of the book to enjoy making our own revolting sandwiches and writing a set of instructions on how to do so. Let us know if you would like to place an order; we can provided extra toenail clippings and grass garnish free of charge.

CIMG7565 CIMG7571 CIMG7573 CIMG7574 CIMG7579 CIMG7580 CIMG7581 CIMG7584


This half term, Year 5 have been reading ‘Billionaire Boy’ by David Walliams and they have thoroughly enjoyed it.

‘A touching and extraordinary novel about a boy who has everything… apart from friends!’

In English, we have written biographies on David Walliams and made up our own narratives called ‘Gazillionaire Girl’.

CIMG7636     CIMG7637

What a Scrumdiddlyumptious term!

We have had a wonderful start to the Summer Term in 3/4 RG.

We began the term by turning our classroom into a bakery. We designed and made our very own cookies!




We have learnt how to write instructions and used this as an opportunity to get baking again, this time making bread! IMG_9660


The children have focused on learning about staying healthy and how to live a healthy lifestyle. As part of this, they have research James Lind a famous Scottish scientist, who found the cure for Scurvy. Look out around school for their non-chronological reports being displayed!

Summer Term 2 2018 Curriculum Overview

Please click the link below to see all of the exciting things the children will be learning over the Summer 2 Term!

Our topic is called The Blue Abyss…

Curriculum Overview

Ambulance service

We had a visit from the ambulance service. They taught us all about CPR and we had a go on dummies!

IMG_2646 IMG_2653IMG_2664

They also taught us about safe and unsafe household items.


Science experiment

We wanted to find out what plants need to survive and be healthy. So we planted cress seeds. One had light and water, one had just light, one had water and no light and one had no light and no water. We predicted what we thought would happen. Take a look what happened:

IMG_2696 IMG_2697 IMG_2698 IMG_2699

Enchanted Woodland


We launched our new topic: Enchanted Woodland by dressing up as woodland creatures! IMG_2532IMG_2527IMG_2528IMG_2530IMG_2529

We made Tree boggarts. We hope they don’t cause too much trouble down at forest school!