News and Topics


We have had a really great half term! The children have really enjoyed the ‘Growing’ topic and have had the opportunity to plant and watch their own plants grow. We are currently watching the pumpkin seeds grow that we planted a couple of weeks ago.  We were not sure if they would grow as they were very dry and were from our pumpkins in October.   As you can see they have made great progress whilst the weather has been warm.

The children have enjoyed learning about food that is healthy. Most of the children enjoyed trying the fruit smoothies that we made together.

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The children have also experienced going to Forest Schools together as a whole group. This has been really successful as the children had a wider range of friends to talk to and explore with.

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Our next and final topic for the year will be ‘Fairy Tales’. We will be exploring different fairy tales and looking at the different types of characters that they have.  Castles are a big part of this topic and we will be looking at them in detail and trying to make our own!

Of course we will finish our year with our trip to Sundown, and will explore the Fairy Tale aspects of the theme park when we visit on the 30th of June


We would like to welcome you all to F2.

We have two F2 classes. The teachers are Kim Morley and Sindy Midha. Our lovely TAs are Allison Clay, Louise Martin, Jan Bates and Deb Campbell. Bev Collins will also be working with your children providing support in Speech and Language.

We are looking forward to an exciting first week.  Just a reminder that this week will be a transition week, so our finishing times will vary.

Tuesday 8.50-11.30

Wednesday 8.50 – 11.30  (Remember it is reading morning, so you can read in class with your child from 8.40)

Thursday 8.50 -1.00

Friday 8.50 – 1.00  (Remember it is reading morning, so you can read in class with your child from 8.40)

From next week children will be staying all day until 3.20.

If you have any questions or have any worries please talk to a member of staff.