F2SM would like to wish everyone HAPPY BABA MARTA,

In Bulgaria, there is a special celebration called Baba Marta.  For this special bracelets are tied around the wrists of friends and families on March 1st. They are then take off when Spring arrives and the birds start coming back and the flowers start to grow.

Katherine’s mother made us all a special tie to celebrate Baba Marta and below is a picture of us wearing them.  We would like to thank her very much for this and we are all eagerly waiting for Spring to arrive.


People who help us

John, our site manager came to talk to the children about how he helps us in school. John explained about how he keeps the school safe and tidy and asked the children to help him look after our school, by keeping it tidy and taking care of things.

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Special Visitors

023 024 022 021Paula (Louie’s mum) came to talk to us about being a nurse.  She brought some interesting items in that she uses in her job. After her visit the children used some of these items in their play!

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