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F2 Summer Term

For our final topic this year we will are going to explore fairy stories and traditional tales through the topic ‘Will you read me a story?’

Every week we will look at a different traditional tale, starting with The Three Little Pigs. We will look at the different characters, what they do, and how stories start and end. We will decide who is a good character and who is bad.  Also, we will look at the words that are repeated throughout stories, this will encourage children to retell, read and write their own stories.

If you have any stories that are special to your family we would love you to share them with us.

Are Carrots Orange?


F2 children

Our topic this half term is ‘Are carrots orange’?  We have already planted a range of seeds to try and grow some unusual coloured vegetables.  We will keep checking their progress and hopefully we will have some of our own vegetables to eat in the summer.

On Wednesday 25th of April the F2 children went to visit Asda.  We had a super visit, the children really enjoyed looking for the different fruit and vegetables on their spotter sheets.  Thank you to all the families who supported this visit, and a big thankyou to Hayley and the staff at Asda for welcoming us.  Next week Hayley is going to come into school and work with the children.  They will be tasting a range of different foods and vegetables and finding out where in the world they come from.

We have shared a range of stories related to this topic and are particularly looking forward to ‘The Enormous Turnip’, as the children get the chance to make their own enormous fruit/vegetable story. We look forward to hearing them!

As part of this topic we will be talking about healthy foods and encourage the children to make healthy choices at school and at home. So, please talk about this with your child.


On Friday 23rd March we had our ‘Wheeled Toy Day’.  The children enjoyed looking at and riding their scooters and bikes, and their friends toys too. The children were really kind to each other and shared their toys when a friend asked if they could have a go!  We are really proud of them.

The children sorted themselves into different groups by how many wheels they had (2,3,4).  The children did some excellent maths work and counted how many wheels were in each class.

They looked carefully at the different types of wheels and tried to work out if some were faster than others.   They then rode through water to see what different patterns the tyres and wheels made.

It was a lovely day for the children. Thank you all for joining in!  We have put a few pictures below for you to have a look at.

IMG_1225 IMG_1247 IMG_1248 IMG_1812 IMG_1815 IMG_1816 IMG_1817 IMG_1820 IMG_1839 IMG_1840


People who help us

John, our site manager came to talk to the children about how he helps us in school. John explained about how he keeps the school safe and tidy and asked the children to help him look after our school, by keeping it tidy and taking care of things.

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Special Visitors

023 024 022 021Paula (Louie’s mum) came to talk to us about being a nurse.  She brought some interesting items in that she uses in her job. After her visit the children used some of these items in their play!

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F2 Newsletter

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F2 Dec Newsletter 2017

F2 Autumn 1 topics

This half term we will be learning about ourselves.  We will encourage the children to talk about themselves e.g. what they look like, what they like and dislike and encourage them to talk about their families and friends. This is a really nice topic to start the school year with.  Your child will bring home a memory box, so you can fill it with special items that are special to your child and family.  Thank you to the families that have returned these already.  If you have not yet returned your memory box, it would be helpful if you returned it by the end of this week.

We finish this half term with our Harvest Festival celebration which will take place on Wednesday 18th of October. The children will learn the story of the Little Red Hen and will learn some Harvest songs. We will let you know in the coming weeks of the time. It would be lovely to see as many family members as possible at the celebration.


Your children will be very tired over this term, as they get used to coming to school all day.  We do not set formal homework but we recommend you share stories with your child every day. A lovely time to do this is at bedtime.

In the coming weeks we may send home activities which reinforce the work we are doing in class. Every week this term we will have a ‘Rhyme of the Week’, please let your child practise these new songs, so we can sing them together at group time. This is not compulsory, but we hope you take the opportunity to support your child with their learning.

What’s happening when in F2

We will be starting our weekly PE sessions this Wednesday.  First, we work at taking off our own shoes and socks and putting them back on ourselves. If you can let your child practise these skills at home we would really appreciate it!

In a couple of weeks we will start to get changed into our PE kit.  Again, let your child practise getting dressed at home. It is very difficult to support every child at the same time, so we encourage them to be as independent as possible.

On Monday afternoon it will be our Forest Schools slot. We encourage children to come in suitable clothing for the weather. It is advisable to come in old clothes on this day, as the children may get their clothes dirty or damaged. It is helpful if all children wear trousers on this day to keep legs warm and safe. We will spend the whole of the afternoon outside learning a range of skills.  Waterproof trousers and jackets will be provided. If your child has wellington boots it will be really helpful if you could being these Mondays, as we only have a small amount of spare boots.


Welcome to F2!

We would like to welcome you all to F2.

The children have settled really well and are enjoying their time with us.  Some of them are a little tired now they are coming for a full day, but they will soon get used to their new routine.

We are really impressed that most children are bringing in their book bags daily, thank you for supporting us with this.  Can we ask that children and families do not change the children’s reading books, as we like to see what reading skills they have gained from week to week. It is really important that bedtime books are shared several times throughout the week, so your child knows the book really well. Your child’s book will be changed weekly.

We also have lots of PE bags on pegs. If you have not yet brought in a PE kit could you do this in the next week.

Remember snack is 50p per week, please hand to a member of staff on Mondays.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to a member of staff at the beginning or the end of the day.