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17th July – Roald Dahl day at Sutton Academy!


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Kingfisher Court Care Home 30/06/17

Today some of the Year 5’s got the opportunity to go and enjoy fish & chips at the home. The children also watched a little bit of Mary Poppins in their amazing cinema room- on luxurious leather chairs!


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Year 5 have been making regular visits to the brand new Kingfisher Court Care Home down the road.

Look out for some of our year 5 children in this weeks CHAD (Ashfield).



Time Travelling with Year 5

15th June

Today the year 5’s have enjoyed a fun packed day participating in Time Travelling workshops at

St. Mary Magdalene.

Bell ringing, acting out a baptism, organ playing, dressing up, story telling, cross-stitching… you name it, we’ve done it! Below, we have shared some photos of our day! 


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Year 5 are fully immersed in our new book for the term.

Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan!!!!!




In year 5 this term we have covered a variety of topics:

In English, we have thoroughly enjoyed reading one of David Walliams best sellers ‘Billionaire Boy’.
Father and son Len and Joe Spud have very little, but they become overnight billionaires when Len invents a new toilet roll. Joe now has everything he ever wanted – except a friend.
The children have written diary extracts from the perspective of Joe Spud and invented their own story- Gazillion Girl!

In Maths, we have been having fun with Geometry- studying angles and shapes in great detail. The children have even enjoyed learning outside when they had the opportunity to draw the 2D representations of 3D shape with chalk.

Whilst being very busy with our fountain subjects, I would like to highlight a few special things the year 5’s have participated in. We had the pleasure of Ben from NCC come in and help us put together a play about Recycling, Reusing and Reducing household waste. Not only are we now experts, but the children impressed the whole school with their performance. We also enjoyed a morning at our local Frankie & Bennies where we; made gorgeous pizzas and mocktails- using our measuring and instruction reading skills, developed our knowledge of the local community and learnt about the history of F&B’s. Some on the year 5’s experienced a mining morning delivered by retired miners and the children’s feedback to the class was amazing. Also, a small group have ran a chocolate club where we share our stories and support each other through difficult situations. Amongst other fabulous activities, I would like to share our class treat to Sutton Lawn. The children earnt this through their positive attitude to learning, good behaviour and work achieved in class. We were able to take some sport equipment with us and have a laugh in the sunshine with an ice-cream.

During the final week of term, some of the year 5’s experienced an unforgettable week at Walesby Camp whilst the others enjoyed a week in school baking, experimenting and transforming our school garden!

Roll on next term where we can experience more exciting and memorable things together as a year 5 family! 🙂


25th May

This week Year 5 have enjoyed making their own bread. They measured out the ingredients and worked well as a team to follow the instructions!

Very Tasty!!!!


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Hello and welcome to 5SD’s class page!

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My name is Miss Sophie Dunn and our teaching assistant is the lovely Mrs Michelle Scott.

This is where you can find out all about what’s been going on, see pictures of us doing all sorts of exciting hard work and, of course, check for homework!

If you ever need to speak to me, please make an appointment and I will make sure I can be available to speak to you either before or after school.

Happy September!

Sophie Dunn