Class 3/4 RG

Ancient Greek Day

On Monday 28th November Year 3/4 were all cast back into Ancient Greek times. We learnt all out the Ancient Greek Empire, played a game which is believed to be the first version of Chess, solved a maths problem from the famous Archimedes, fought in a Trojan war and retold the story of Theseus and the Minotaur in a Greek Theater.  We had lots of fun!CIMG7009 CIMG7017 CIMG7021 CIMG7062 CIMG7063 CIMG7068


We are maths wizards!

We have all been working super hard in maths this Autumn Term. Please find our revision guide covering all of our topics this term. We have mainly been learning about:

Number and Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Times tables

Math revision Guide for children


Congratulations to the year 3 and 4 children that took part in the Indoor Rowing competition at Ashfield School. We came 8th out of 21! Brilliant!

CIMG6042 CIMG6043 CIMG6044 CIMG6045 CIMG6046 CIMG6047 CIMG6048 CIMG6049 CIMG6050 CIMG6052 CIMG6053 CIMG6054

Breaking News!


In Year 3/4 something strange has happened. Wednesday 27th September was not like any ordinary day; a dragon nest appeared in Miss Gayfer’s classroom…

CIMG6081 We have been reading lots of information about dragons which have come directly from the Herpetological Society (the society which concerns lizard welfare). This has included being literacy detectives and identifying different species of dragons, which special infrared cameras have detected  on our playground!




Please come and take a look at our nest!


Please find our first edition of our termly newsletter below:

Year 34 newsletter

Autumn Term 2017

In Year 3/4 RG this term we have been learning all about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons.

We began our topic with our exciting launch day where we were cast back into 449 AD at the end of the Roman Empire. Our guide, Edward, told us all about what life was like to be an Anglo-Saxon and even told us the story of Beowulf! We then learnt how to combat as Viking warrior, giving our war hero a proper burial.

This term our numeracy topic is based around number and place value; in particular, understanding Th H T and U. We are trying really hard to spot patterns and apply our reasoning in our problem solving. I would still like to see children taking extra care in learning their times tables as these are so important!

We have really enjoyed reading our class book this term in literacy- ‘How to train your dragon ’ In particular, we have really enjoyed learning about different sentences and all of their wonderful, yet important, ingredients! We are all trying really hard to ensure we don’t forget these in our writing.

During the term we will be focusing on team work and friendships. I am really proud of how well we are all supporting and mentoring each other during lessons. Our class is a lovely place to be and learn!

Meet Larry our Learning Lion


Larry is always on the look out for ‘Royal Learners’! Every day he chooses a child he would like to come home with, who he thinks has been a fantastic learner. I wonder what adventures Larry will get up to this term…

Year 3/4 Homework!


Try to practise your times tables once a day. Looking for some more interesting ways to do it? Why not make a times tables game? What about a poster of a times table you’re finding tricky?


Try to read something each day. This can be a school book, newspaper, any book at home, or a magazine. Fancy a challenge? Maybe you could write some quiz questions, draw a picture of a scene from the book, or write a summary of what you’ve read. Don’t forget the ‘Fantastic Four’ reading journal!

Reading Journal


Every week, there will be spellings sent home. Please practise and learn these ready for the weekly quizzes.

Spelling Home work Week 1




Welcome Class of 2017-2018!

Welcome to our class page! I hope you find it useful and also a good way of finding out what happens in Class 3/4RG.

My name is Miss Rebekah Gayfer  and our class teaching assistant is Lisa.

This is where you can find out all about what’s been going on, see pictures of us doing all sorts of exciting hard work and, of course, check for homework!

If you ever need to speak with me, please feel free to speak to me before or after school.

Here’s to an exciting, fun packed year; I look forward to working alongside each and every one of you.