Class 3/4 NO

Meet Larry our Learning Lion


Larry is always on the look out for ‘Royal Learners’! Every day he chooses a child he would like to come home with, who he thinks has been a fantastic learner. I wonder what adventures Larry will get up to this term…


In Year 3/4 RG this term we have been learning all about our ‘Extreme Earth!’

We began our topic with a scientific investigation whereby we constructed and then exploded our very own volcanos. Following this we have looked at the impact volcanos have upon communities and decided whether we are for or against them! Alongside volcanos we have researched how earthquakes happen and what impact they can leave behind, researching the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.

In our numeracy topic we have been busy learning all about measurement; in particular, length and time. We have tried really hard to apply our knowledge of place value when converting different units of measurement, such as km to metres and understand why we have different units of measurement. In time we have had to grasp confusing patterns and rules. We can all read the time really well in Year 3/4 RG!

We have really enjoyed reading our class book this term in literacy- ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!’ In particular, we have really enjoyed explaining how to survive the weird and wonderful weather conditions. Together, we designed a newspaper report based on a giant pancake Landing on Hillocks Primary School.

During the term we have focused on team work and friendships. I am really proud of how well we are all supporting and mentoring each other during lessons. Our class is a lovely place to be and learn!

Year 3/4 Easter Holiday Homework

Year 3 and 4 have worked fantastically well this term and deserve their break!  As such, their holiday homework should be just enough to keep their skills going over the time off.

Try and do a little bit of something each day, just for a couple of minutes.


Try to practise your times tables once a day. Looking for some more interesting ways to do it? Why not make a times tables game? What about a poster of a times table you’re finding tricky?


Try to read something each day. This can be a school book, newspaper, any book at home, or a magazine. Fancy a challenge? Maybe you could write some quiz questions, draw a picture of a scene from the book, or write a summary of what you’ve read.


After half term we will be starting a new topic – Extreme Earth! As part of this topic, we will be studying volcanoes.

It would be great if you could get a bit of a head-start by having a go at some of these activities, if you have time:

Volcanoes homework

Enjoy the holidays! The Year 3/4 team.

Welcome to 3/4 NO

Welcome to our class page! I hope you find it useful and also a good way of finding out what happens in Class 3/4RG.

My name is Miss Rebekah Gayfer  and our class teaching assistant is Mark Dobb. We also receive some additional  TA cover from Kirsty Worboys.

This is where you can find out all about what’s been going on, see pictures of us doing all sorts of exciting hard work and, of course, check for homework!

If you ever need to speak with me, please feel free to speak to me before or after school.

Here’s to an exciting, fun packed summer term and I look forward to working alongside each and every one of you.