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The Enchanted Woodland

Hello and welcome back to the summer term! This year is flying by but we still have lots of learning and fun planned for the coming weeks.

Our new topic on your return is called ‘The Enchanted Woodland’ where we will learn all about habitats, plants and trees  (including planting our own flowers!) and much, much more.

We strongly encourage you to talk with your child about their learning and take them on nature walks and to the library so they have as much experience with creatures and critters as possible. Have a stroll through the woods and see if you can identify some trees and wild flowers, or hunt out some minibeasts. Use the sheets below to help you and most importantly, have lots of fun doing it!!


Wild Flowers


On Friday 23rd March we had our ‘Wheeled Toy Day’.  The children enjoyed looking at and riding their scooters and bikes, and their friends toys too. The children were really kind to each other and shared their toys when a friend asked if they could have a go!  We are really proud of them.

The children sorted themselves into different groups by how many wheels they had (2,3,4).  The children did some excellent maths work and counted how many wheels were in each class.

They looked carefully at the different types of wheels and tried to work out if some were faster than others.   They then rode through water to see what different patterns the tyres and wheels made.

It was a lovely day for the children. Thank you all for joining in!  We have put a few pictures below for you to have a look at.

IMG_1225 IMG_1247 IMG_1248 IMG_1812 IMG_1815 IMG_1816 IMG_1817 IMG_1820 IMG_1839 IMG_1840



F2SM would like to wish everyone HAPPY BABA MARTA,

In Bulgaria, there is a special celebration called Baba Marta.  For this special bracelets are tied around the wrists of friends and families on March 1st. They are then take off when Spring arrives and the birds start coming back and the flowers start to grow.

Katherine’s mother made us all a special tie to celebrate Baba Marta and below is a picture of us wearing them.  We would like to thank her very much for this and we are all eagerly waiting for Spring to arrive.


YEAR 4 FUTSAL- 12/3/18

Well done boys! You all played brilliantly as a team and it paid off- we came 2nd!

CIMG7336 CIMG7338 CIMG7339 CIMG7341


CIMG7330 CIMG7331 CIMG7334 CIMG7335





Our Netballers played two matches and won 1 with an astonishing score line of 7-1.


CIMG7278 CIMG7279 CIMG7281 CIMG7285 CIMG7286 CIMG7287 CIMG7288 CIMG7289 CIMG7290 CIMG7291 CIMG7292 CIMG7294 CIMG7295 CIMG7296 CIMG7297 CIMG7298 CIMG7299 CIMG7300

5SD’s 100% attenders!!



5/6 INDOOR ROWING- 8/2/8

What a fantastic evening last night! The atmosphere was incredible and very competitive. Our amazing rowing team came 5th overall, rowing a total of 5497 m which is just over 3.4 miles. They all did extremely well and this effort and team spirt has qualified us for the finals in March.

CIMG7257 CIMG7260 CIMG7262

CIMG7258 CIMG7267 CIMG7271 CIMG7272 CIMG7273 CIMG7274


6/2/18 Forest schools with 5SD

Marshmallow toasting | nature sketching | shelter building



Forest schools year 5SD

IMG_0054 IMG_0055 IMG_0063 IMG_0065 IMG_0066 IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0076 IMG_0078



Our Year 6 children recently took part in a Basketball competition at the National Church of England Adacemy in Hucknall.  We are very proud to tell you that they came 1st and below is a picture of the winners.

The children that took part were Layla Watston, Billy Kedzior, Jack Ellis, Honey Norcott, Wyatt Wallace and Porsha Bissett.

Year 6 winners