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Hillocks first sporting event of 2018!

All the boys involved enjoyed the Futsal event at Sutton Academy and we were very proud to come away with Team A in 4th place and Team B in 6th! Well done!


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Dangerous Dinosaurs

Happy New Year!

Our new topic for the first half of spring term is called ‘Dangerous Dinosaurs!’ We will be learning all about where dinosaurs came from, which parts of the world they roamed and what they ate.

Tyrannosaurus Drip

As well as all of this we will be looking at the brilliant Julia Donaldson book ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’ which tells the story of a Duckbill dinosaur born into a family of T-Rex. We will use this book to practise our writing skills including using conjunctions (and, but, or, so), using question marks and exclamation marks and also describing the setting of the swamp.

In science we will be learning about habitats and in maths we will be looking at graphs, money and time.


If you would like to know anything else, please do not hesitate to come in and see us!

Christmas Fair Super Stars!

In Year 2 RH we had lots of fun raising money for our school. We made Christmas coasters and won a trophy for raising the most money! We are very proud of our achievement.  CIMG7090

People who help us

John, our site manager came to talk to the children about how he helps us in school. John explained about how he keeps the school safe and tidy and asked the children to help him look after our school, by keeping it tidy and taking care of things.

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Special Visitors

023 024 022 021Paula (Louie’s mum) came to talk to us about being a nurse.  She brought some interesting items in that she uses in her job. After her visit the children used some of these items in their play!

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Ancient Greek Day

On Monday 28th November Year 3/4 were all cast back into Ancient Greek times. We learnt all out the Ancient Greek Empire, played a game which is believed to be the first version of Chess, solved a maths problem from the famous Archimedes, fought in a Trojan war and retold the story of Theseus and the Minotaur in a Greek Theater.  We had lots of fun!CIMG7009 CIMG7017 CIMG7021 CIMG7062 CIMG7063 CIMG7068


We are maths wizards!

We have all been working super hard in maths this Autumn Term. Please find our revision guide covering all of our topics this term. We have mainly been learning about:

Number and Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Times tables

Math revision Guide for children

F2 Newsletter

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F2 Dec Newsletter 2017

YEAR 5 & 6 ATHLETICS- 22/11/17

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Well done to all the year 5 and 6 children that took part in the athletics competition at Sutton Academy yesterday!

You were brilliant!



Little Al winners 13th November 2017

Well done to Oliver from our AM session and Ava from our PM session!