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17th July – Roald Dahl day at Sutton Academy!


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Sport’s Day

A HUGE well done to all the children for making me super proud during Sport’s Day. They showed superb behaviour and team spirit! Thank you to all the parents that could make it. I managed to get a least 1 photo of each child during the afternoon which I will print and hand out for you to  keep. Here is one of the entire class…


Kingfisher Court Care Home 30/06/17

Today some of the Year 5’s got the opportunity to go and enjoy fish & chips at the home. The children also watched a little bit of Mary Poppins in their amazing cinema room- on luxurious leather chairs!


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Year 5 have been making regular visits to the brand new Kingfisher Court Care Home down the road.

Look out for some of our year 5 children in this weeks CHAD (Ashfield).




Some of the children from class 5SD visited Kingfisher Court on Friday 16th June.  Michelle – class Teaching Assistant and one of our Governors Naomi Parker walked down with the children as we had been invited to a Garden Party they were having.  Please take a look at the pictures below and see how lovely it is and how the children enjoyed themselves.

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w/c 12.06.2017

This weeks winners of the lunchtime awards are pictured below.

w.c. 12.06.2017








Time Travelling with Year 5

15th June

Today the year 5’s have enjoyed a fun packed day participating in Time Travelling workshops at

St. Mary Magdalene.

Bell ringing, acting out a baptism, organ playing, dressing up, story telling, cross-stitching… you name it, we’ve done it! Below, we have shared some photos of our day! 


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Meet Larry our Learning Lion


Larry is always on the look out for ‘Royal Learners’! Every day he chooses a child he would like to come home with, who he thinks has been a fantastic learner. I wonder what adventures Larry will get up to this term…

Topic Words

During our topic on ‘The Seaside’ we will be looking at lots of new words which the children will use both in their speaking and in their writing. It would be really useful if you talked about these words with your child and practised spelling them.

Here are the words that your child will see/use a lot of over the next few weeks:

ocean – sea – seaside – coast – sea creature – diver – diving – tide – wave – beach – pier – lighthouse – lifeguard