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School Holidays at New Cross

Click below to see what New Cross Community Church are doing in the half term February 2018

School Holidays at New Cross Church

Little Al Attendance

w/c 29th January 2018       

Pictured below are the attendance winners for this week.

Class 3-4NW – Mrs Oates won best attendance and Kaydee Hunter accepted the winners certificate.

Class 5RG – Mr G’s won best punctuality and Morgan Moody accepted the winners certiciate.

Well done to both classes.



Our Year 6 children recently took part in a Basketball competition at the National Church of England Adacemy in Hucknall.  We are very proud to tell you that they came 1st and below is a picture of the winners.

The children that took part were Layla Watston, Billy Kedzior, Jack Ellis, Honey Norcott, Wyatt Wallace and Porsha Bissett.

Year 6 winners



Happy New Year to everyone we hope you all had a brilliant Christmas.

Just a little reminder that Taekwondo will be starting on Friday 12th January 2018.

F2 Newsletter

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F2 Dec Newsletter 2017


We have finally ordered our Laptops and we would like to thank all our parents and children for their continued support over the last couple of years in raising the money for our fund.  We would also like to thank our Brilliant PTA for all their hard work and commitment to raising the money.  We know at times it has been hard work but they did it!!

Little Al attendance winners for w/c 16.10.2017

The winners for best attendance went to Class 5SD, well done to them.








The winners for Best Punctuality went to Class 1-2CA.  Well done!



Thank you to all parents who donated food for the Harvest Festival.  All the donations were given to our local food bank at St Marys Church.  As you can see rom the picture below everyone has been very generous this year.  Also there is a picture of the people at St Marys accepting our donation which was greatly apprecaited.




The winners of our Harvest Festival Hampers are –

Oliver and Harry Greenwood who kindly donated their hamper to the food bank.

Bradley Richardson from class 2RH

Kayla-Jo Mawdsley from class F2KM.

Harvest 2017

Harvest 2017

Harvest festival hampers 2017

Harvest festival hampers 2017


Attendance Winners

W/C 9th October 2017

Class 3/4AW won the Best Attendance








Class 5SD won Best Punctuality








Below are the class representatives who collected the certificates from Little Al,   Jack Marriott from Class 3-4AW and

Mckenna Bissett from class 5SD.

cool alligator